British Dressage

Allens Hill Competition & Livery Centre Combined Training

Saturday, 23 March 2024

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Saturday, 09 March 2024, 23:59

Class Sponsor Test Qualifier Sections Fee Prizes
Saturday, 23 March 2024
1 Red Gorilla Introductory B Combined Training 60cm 2009 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
2 Red Gorilla Preliminary 2 Combined Training 70cm 2016 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
3 Red Gorilla Preliminary 18 Combined Training 80cm 2002 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
4 Red Gorilla Novice 24 Combined Training 80cm 2010 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
5 Red Gorilla Novice 34 Combined Training 90cm 2009 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
6 Red Gorilla Elementary 42 Combined Training 80cm 2008 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
7 Red Gorilla Elementary 50 Combined Training 90cm 2007 G £30.00 £35.00, £20.00, £10.00
Regional Development Officer:
Nikki Birt


Adrian Smith


Adrian Smith



Allens Hill Competition & Livery Centre

Allens Hill, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2DU, United Kingdom
Phone: Office 01386 555616 Open Tues - Sunday 10:00 - 1
On the new A44 at Pinvin, 200 metres from the traffic lights in the Worcester direction. Recommend exiting M5 junction 6, straight road on A44 for approximately 7 miles.

Other details:


Outdoor venue with 1 main 90 x 54 competition arenasand 2 separate warm up arenas. All weather waxed surfaces. No lunging. 

Pratice Judging and Writing

Practice judging welcome.

Sitting in welcome with agreement of the officiating Judge.

We offer a writing development program. All your expences paid.

Terms & conditions

By entering you agree to the entry conditions listed below and our Privacy policy on (privacy


Entries made via HORSE MONKEY accessible via our website web link

All entries will only be accepted online in advance of the show.

Entries are limited per class. We will hold a waiting list. No entries on the day.

The show organisers have the right to cancel any, part of, or an entire show. 

Show organisers reserve the right to refuse entries without assigning a reason.

Each competitor must have appropriate insurance, owner or where applicable, parent or guardian, shall be solely responsible for consequences of loss or damage done to, occasioned by, or arising from any animal in their care.


Any withdrawals must be made by email (

Withdrawals will be refunded up to the close of entries. 

Any change of entries must be notified by email (

No refunds or transfers will be made after close of entries. 


All horses / ponies / travel companions must be up to date vaccinations against Equine Influenza.

For unaffiliated shows, Allens Hill accept annual boosters within 12 months but not less than 7 days before attending the site. 

For affilaited shows you must follow the rules of the governing body.

Please ensure you bring your equine passport.

On Arrival

On arrival at the show, all entries can be checked by the steward. 

Horses / Ponies are not permitted to be left tied up outside your vehicle. 

No tying up of haynets outside lorries/trailers

Preparing to Compete Correct and safe dress must be worn at all times.

During the Competition The Steward will help riders by reminding them of their competion times.

Protective headgear must be worn at all times when mounted on any part of the showground. 

It is the duty of riders and in the interest of safety, to ensure that their headgear provides proper protection, is correctly fitted and remains in place.

Horse tack must be appropriate for the class fitted and used correctly.

Horses must not be left unattended or tied to the outside of lorries/trailers.

There is a £20 penalty for any horses found digging a hole in the car park.

Toilets are located on the carpark

There is currently no catering on site on Friday.

Dogs are only permitted in the carpark and must be kept on a short lead.

Please bring your own water for your horse only horse washing water is readly available.

Warming-up and competing

Competitions will be run in accordance with the British Dressage rule book.

No unauthorised persons shall enter the warm up arenas.

Only those calling test or taking photo/video can enter the competion arena.

There are no presentations on the day, rosettes to 6th place and sheets may be collected from the steward and results are posted online. 


Please ensure that your parking area is clear of all poo, hay and litter before leaving. There is a £20 penalty for any untidy parking area.

Any prize money due will be paid electronically to the original payee.

Please make sure that all contact details are upto date on horse monkey, bank account number and name the acount who holds the bank account.

If there are any problems emal After one month, prize money uncollected will be forfeited.

Starting times:

Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 10:00

Practice judging:


Stabling available:


Dogs allowed:


Refreshments available: